Email Shift, Brand Lift

Southern Cross Health Society


With 3 weeks to produce 26 template designs for their 40 different electronic direct mails, we collaborated with the clients to ensure the designs met their expectations and that the designs can be created in the system.

The Challenge

Southern Cross were using opportunity of switching to a new customer engagement platforms to consolidate and align all their eDMs whilst ensuring brand recognition. And doing this at the same time the brand was evolving! We were tasked with 140 different email variations across 26 different customisable templates.

The Solution

DAN worked in a cross agency manner to ensure the email design matched the new and developing Southern Cross brand. We built a mini-design system that would accelerate implementation and allow for the creation of new emails from the components. Using our internal expertise we also ensured that the email design would be implementable within the constraints.

The Results

Different eDMs
Custom templates
Audience size
Weeks to deliver
Email styles to complete in visual design


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