What we do

Over the last 26 years, we’ve built our reputation as a Kiwi design studio that consistently delivers innovative work across the globe.

Your innovation partner

Powered by people, craft and expertise

We have in-depth experience in major industries, including health care, financial services, retail, travel & tourism, public sector, telecommunications and agriculture. Coupled with both global and local experience, it gives us a unique perspective for delivering impactful work.

Born digital, with innovation in our hearts

We’ve been building digital experiences from the early days of HTML3 right through digital product and up to generative AI, web3 and immersive experiences. Our happy place is the complex world where people and technology intersect, and we’d love to help you identify new opportunities to create and capture value. 

What we do


We balance our global cultural intelligence with our own primary research to develop trans disciplinary perspectives and uncover new opportunities. Our research spans across interviews, contextual inquiry, opportunity mapping and data insights. 


Strategy is how we connect your current state with your desired future state, across products, people and programmes. We imagine, make, test and learn to bring clarity, using innovation labs, digital transformation, experience strategy and futures design. 


Experiences succeed or fail based on the smallest details. We bring decades of experience in digital design to our craft to balance best practice with Disruptive innovation, across product design, service design and experience design. 


When the rubber hits the road, we design and lead delivery programmes to build great experiences. We also serve as expert partners from our global Collective as we deploy emerging technologies for Disruptive ideas.