TBWA Convention Disruption Vision

Breaking time barriers with worldwide collaboration



Breaking time barriers and engaging in worldwide collaboration to deliver a new digital brand experience.

The Opportunity

DAN spearheaded the design and build of the new website. Engineered for scalability, the website equips all member agencies with a versatile CMS, empowering them to create their own unique website. The look and feel are the result of collaborative input from talented individuals across the globe.

The Outcome

We accomplished more than just delivering a highly functional website. We also showcased to our parent company the depth of our expertise in user experience, employing robust methodologies that culminated in an exquisitely crafted design.

Time zones within the cross functional team to deliver the new brand and digital identity
Agencies worldwide empowered to create their unique websites
Increase in monthly visits
The team across 5 time zones
world map of the team spread across 5 time zones
The collaborative process the DAN team used should be bottled and sold as a product.”

Deepthi Prakash
Chief Product Officer, TBWA\Worldwide


Connecting the dots

Discovering opportunities that yield the most customer and staff benefits

Construction site with workers in hard hats