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Digital Workplace Research

Ministry of Social Development x Spark

The Opportunity

Understanding how devices and technology can be best used to support the delivery of critical social services in Aotearoa.

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The Approach

To ensure data-driven design artifacts, we prioritised a quantitative approach, supported by qualitative research. Interviews with MSD staff, coupled with dimension mapping and thematic analysis, shaped proto-archetypes. Surveying nearly 1,000 staff generated segmented Worker Types with distinct technology requirements.

The Impact

The research is being used as part of the Digital Transformation Programme to inform device and technology solutions supplied to the 11,000 staff across Aotearoa. The Worker Type artefacts themselves are on display at MSD Home Office in Wellington, inviting engagement and feedback from the wider organisation.

staff delivering services
million New Zealanders receiving MSD services every week
staff surveyed and interviewed
data points analysed and visualised
key archetypes developed


Future vision focus

Providing experience-focused vision for all Southern Cross members

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