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Future Vision Focus

Southern Cross


Southern Cross is focused on enhancing customer experience through an integration of their products and services. Digital Arts Network provided a clear future-state vision, aligning staff to deliver consistent and exceptional experiences for all members.

The Challenge

Southern Cross strives to become an essential lifelong partner for members’ health and wellbeing. To achieve this, they must reimagine their traditional approach to producing and delivering products, services, and experiences. Co-creation, defining a core story and vision were urgent priorities to communicate to the rest of the business.

The Solution

Co-creation activities were urgently conducted with key individuals to articulate the vision. We identified the core story and essential service elements aligned with the new brand. Communicating through a customer journey map fostered business alignment and empowered staff to contribute to the collective goals.

Core experiences identified
Moments of brand truth
New services
Employees will learn about the new customer experience


Holistic community wellbeing

Deep dive into all services to inform strategic effort

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