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We believe in the awesome power of technology to connect us. But are we really getting closer? Real Mode is a way to pause your digital life and press play on real world connections.

The Challenge

To help smartphone users balance the digital world and the real world. It’s no wonder we are all suffering unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress because we never get to switch off. 

The Solution

Real Mode, available to any mobile phone user in Aotearoa, was designed to help people to be aware of the negative impact that being constantly connected to our phones can cause. The aim is to promote the practice of digital detox and responsible smartphone use by rewarding them for switching off their phones. 

According to recent research on a representative sample of 519 New Zealanders, 46 percent of those surveyed over 18 want to better manage their use of technology. That jumps to nearly two-thirds when the age range is narrowed to between 18 and 39.
Real Mode allows users to put an ‘out of office’ on their social media channels. For every 15 minutes it’s activated, users will go into a draw to win experiences that encourage living in the moment such as movie tickets and restaurant vouchers.

The company is hoping that this can help the one in 10 Kiwis who told the survey they had missed important life moments because of digital distractions.

To make New Zealand a better place to live we want to encourage Kiwis to use technology in a way that supports them to be happy and productive, while also making sure they are taking time to reboot, connect, and enjoy unfiltered moments in person away from the online world

Mark Aue, CEO at 2degrees.

Source: News Hub


3.3 hrs
Average session time per user
12.5 yrs
Total time of all users using Real Mode
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